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About Us

Start Early!

Give your child an early start in learning Chinese. Early childhood is the best time for a child to learn a second language especially during the golden time before they turn one. Children who are exposed to two languages from birth can become fluent in both. Babies learn language sounds even before they are born, in their mother’s womb.

From birth, they are able to tell the difference between their mother’s language and another language. Studies have shown that at eleven months of age, just before most babies can say their first words, babies from monolingual households are not able to process an unfamiliar language.

On the contrary, babies in bilingual households are able to process the sounds of two languages. With this knowledge, it is encouraged that one parent speak the native language and the other the second language to the baby. However, this can be difficult for working parents and especially so when the second language does not come naturally for the parent.

It is important then to give the baby exposure to Chinese language through other means like weekly interactive Chinese home classes. 宝宝家教 takes care of your baby’s Chinese language needs. "

Choose Us

Why Choose Us

45 minutes of Chinese class at the comfort of the baby’s home. In a low stress environment, babies feel more comfortable and will be able to make the best out of the lesson.

One-to-one tutoring allows for high quality interaction between teacher and baby. Parents are welcome to join in the session especially the first few lessons when the babies need to familiarize themselves with the tutor.

Introducing and exposing the baby to Chinese through songs, storytelling, Chinese nursery rhymes/poems, picture cards and some hands-on activities because language learning depends on the processing of sound and sight in the early years of a child.

宝宝家教curriculum is jointly developed by their teachers who have many years of experience as early childhood educators.

Activities are designed to stimulate infant’s multiple senses aiding them in physical and cognitive development which will help their interest and learning capabilities.

Tutors will assess the baby’s development to select and customize the most suitable lesson plan as babies have different language standards and developmental speed. This is the benefit of a one-to-one tutoring.

Hands-on activities like art and handicraft, object exploration and simple Chinese character writing can be introduced when baby is ready.

Tutors will give their first assessment during their first session and subsequently after every 4 weeks. This will help to update parents on their baby’s progress.

Our tutors will be using Chinese educational materials that are used widely in China and our very own teaching materials developed by our school.

Our tutors are native Chinese teachers trained in early childhood education.

We have 288 proprietary lesson plans starting from 3 to 36 months. Infants below 6 months need to be accompanied with an adult.


Bao Bao Home Tutor Experience

Baby homeschooling is the education of children ages between 0-3 years old and the first stage of education after the child is born. This education is the foundation of lifelong education. Baby homeschooling has a triple mission:

One: To meet the expectations of families in planning a brighter future for your child.

Two: To meet children’s self development needs.

Three: To train children to learn in a bilingual environment at an early age. Baby homeschooling focuses on individual differences to teach in accordance with each child and cultivates children’s language expression skills through a variety of teaching activities.

  • 1Locomotion and motor skills
  • 2Linguistic abilities
  • 3Social development
  • 4Concept of numbers
  • 5Good practices and habits


Bao Bao Home Tutor Packages

Trial class $60 (one time only)

Some housekeeping rules:

  • Please fill up the health declaration form before every lesson.
  • Your babies’ scheduled lessons are important to us, they are reserved specially for them. Therefore, we kindly request at least a 48 hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling of lessons.
LessonTerm of 4 weeks
Lesson (once a week)$320 ($80 per lesson)
Lesson (twice a week)$600 ($75 per lesson)

Terms and conditions

Validity of 6 months. Non-refundable or transferable. Any consideration for exception will be on a case by case basis.

* Surcharge of $20 per lesson is applicable for students in Sentosa.


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